Ultra HDTV Definition:

Ultra HDTV (Ultra High Definition Television) is a digital video format, currently proposed under the leadership of NHK Science and Technical Research Laboratories (Nippon Hoso Kyokai, also called the Japan Broadcasting Corporation). If you hear about ultra high definition video, you are probably hearing a reference to this same technology, and also if someone says Super hi-vision (SHV), UHDTV, 4320p or UHDV. There are many versions of these technology terms, either hyphenated, combined and/or capitalized in varying ways. Ultra HDTV is 16 times the resolution of HDTV (high definition television).

Ultra HDTV Reviews

Ultra HDTV resolution = 7680 x 4320 (16 x HDTV resolution).

IMAX has roughly exactly the same resolution as UHDTV. Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) (2560×1440) and Quad Full High Definition (QFHD) (3840×2160) aren't the same resolution as that of UHDTV and represent intermediate resolutions mid-way between those of HDTV and Ultra HDTV.

The Ultra HDTV Technology:

Ultra HDTV's goal is to create a vivid, television-watching experience, where the lines of realism and tv are blurred. Based on manufacturers, people will watch ultra high definition TV and feel like they're in the middle of a scene. Sound quality will most likely improve as well, with numbers such as 24 audio channels being tossed about. One of the bottlenecks with the new format lies in the cameras that must produce images of sufficient quality. There are very few cameras of this type at the moment. Those that can produce sufficient images will only process a couple of minutes of usable image so the start-to-finish structure is definitely not in place at this stage.

Ultra HDTV come to be the standard in personal entertainment?

Most industry observers answer “Yes” when asked that question. Television manufacturers are making plasma and liquid crystal display TV equipment with flat panel screens, as most of us know. These are designed with Ultra HDTV as future standard in television viewing. So, if you're one of several consumers who would like to be a first-adopter of new technology, start preparing you home entertainment system with a plasma or LCD screen and a surround sound system to complement the improved audio. If past experience is any indication the question about Ultra HDTV should not be “if” but “when.”

Ultra HDTV Reviews

Now that we've cleared through the mess of monikers and acronyms surrounding TV technology, let's look at some ultra HDTV reviews on those Super Hi-vision TVs available on market, and discover what's so advanced about the ultra high definition format.

Samsung UN55D8000 Review

Samsung UN55D8000 Review

Here is a complete Samsung UN55D8000 Review for  buyers who want to know more info about Samsung UN55D8000 55 inch 40Hz 3D LED HDTV  before buying it. Samsung UN55D8000 Review Samsung UN55D8000 Specifications (Specs) Brand: Samsung Model: UN55D8000 Resolution: 1080p Full HD Refresh Rate: 240 Hz Type: LED With Micro Dimming Plus

LG Ultra HDTV at CES 2011

84-inch LG Ultra HDTV

LG 84-Inch Ultra  HDTV at CES 2011 No sooner had Samsung proclaimed it had the largest Ultra LCD HDTV with LED backlighting, LG piped-up by showing off an 3D LG 84-inch Ultra HDTV (ultra-HD resolution) in Las Vegas at CES 2011. The main differences between the 75-inch Samsung Ultra LCD

Panasonic Ultra HDTV

152 inch Panasonic Ultra HDTV

152-inch Panasonic Ultra HD Plasma HDTV Panasonic Develops World’s Largest 152-Inch Panasonic Ultra HDTV. The ultra-large, 4K x 2K quadruple Full HDTV plasma panel creates a true full HD 3D world, delivering a massive immersive experience. 152 inch Panasonic Ultra HDTV Review Panasonic D SeriesViera Ultra HDTV is stylish and

Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV

Samsung ultra HDTV

82-inch Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV Samsung exhibited an 82-inch Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV for 120Hz tv sets at the SID 2008 International Symposium in the United States. 82-inch Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV at SID:   Samsung Ultra HDTV – ComputerTV at CES 2009 Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV Technology The panel of

Sharp HDTV

Sharp HDTV models

The Advantages of a Sharp HDTV Out of all the names you can choose from in the electronics industry today for an HDTV, Sharp is one that should certainly not be forgotten. A Sharp HDTV offers you crystal clear picture quality, superb sound, and sleek and aesthetically pleasing designs that

LG 55lw5600 Review

LG 55lw5600 review

Here is a complete LG 55lw5600 Review for  buyers who want to know more info about  LG Infinia 55LW5600 55Inch Cinema 3D 120 Hz LED HDTV  before buying it. LG 55lw5600 Review Brand: LG Model: 55lw5600 Resolution: 1080p Full HD Refresh Rate: 120 Hz Type: Cinema 3D LED Size: 55-inch