Ultra HDTV Reviews

Ultra HDTV Reviews – The Comprehensive Review for 4K TV

Ultra HDTV or 4K TV is the new generation TV that provides high quality picture which is 4-time greater than the present HD TV. UHDTVs are the present and future. 1080p are the past technology. 4K TV technology is continuously improving and gaining more and more popularity. Read our Ultra HDTV reviews to know more about this new generation of television.

Why Ultra HDTV Are Special?

Ultra HDTV Reviews

You may see many names of Ultra HDTV in the market like Ultra HD, UHD, and 4K UHD. All of these names are referred to one resolution i.e. 3,840 x 2,160. It makes more than 8 million total pixels. The full HD nowadays is 1,920 x 1,080; so Ultra HD TV has four times more resolution than normal HD. With that much pixels, the picture becomes crystal clear. The image seems 3D without even wearing the 3-D glasses. 4K TVs are highly advanced and can give the sense of completeness. If you want no compromise when it comes to entertainment then 4K is surely the best thing to go for.

What is the Difference Between Ultra HD (UHD) and 4K?

4K is the term used for screens that have 3,840 x 2,160 pixels; many brands use same term for Ultra High Definition or UHD. The UHD term is used because it differentiates between 3,840 x 2,160 resolution adopted by 16:9-ratio TVs; it is also not same as 4,096 x 2,160 resolution which is first presented in digital cameras.

Outside the projection world, 4K and UHD terms are normally considered as same; but in actual UHD has slightly lower resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 whereas true 4K is 4,096 x 2,160.

Why Should You Buy Ultra HDTV?

Ultra HDTVs are now not as expensive as they used to be. Formerly, bigger names such as Samsung, Sony, LG etc. didn’t offer these sets lower than $1,000 but now you can have good range of Ultra HD TVs under $1,000. You can have 40-inch and over LED at good rates. If you are a person who likes perfect then going for 4K is what you should do.

When you are paying for television, you are making an investment and why not to invest in the right thing that has future. As 4K technology is emerging, streaming services, TV channels etc. are now also evolving to provide more than 1080p. Soon Blu-ray content will also be available in 4K format so you will have huge quantity of content to select from. The first HD TV was launched somewhere in 1998 and it took them 10 years to completely evolved but for 4K TVs that won’t be the case as many evolutionary measures can be seen even now.

When you are purchasing something, it is always wise to go for the newer technology because it will give you all the benefits and you will get upgrades etc. But when you go for the older technology, you will get stuck with it for long period of time without gaining any benefit.

The Method We Use to Test Ultra HDTVs

With professional 4K camera, we have made two 3840 × 2160 resolution clips. The scenes are captured specially in such a way that they can tell about the picture quality of the TV at its full. We have run these videos to check the quality. Sound system, ease of use, picture running etc. were also used to test the TV.

Best 4K Ultra HDTV 2017

Best Budget 4K Ultra HD TV

VIZIO M50-C1 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
This 50-inch VIZIO M50-C1 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is perfect for the people living in apartments. It can be purchased at the affordable price under $1000. This TV has the ability to run 4K content flawlessly along with fast up scaling of standard HD and Blu-ray content. Its refresh rate allows you to enjoy action scenes at full with no interruptions.

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LG Electronics 55EG9600 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Curved Smart OLED TV
This latest 55-inch OLED TV from LG has every stunning feature that you can have to enjoy the best picture. It gives vivid color and awesome brightness to the picture. It sets the color and contrast to give the perfect angle of the video. WebOS is the amazing smart TV interface and this LG TV has it. As curve TV screens are attracting more and more people, the 55EG9600 offers it too.

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Best Ultra HD TV under $1000

Samsung UN50JS7000 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
In CES 2015, Samsung introduced it Samsung UN50JS7000 SUHD TV. If you are thinking what is ‘S’ here then it is not the short for Super Ultra HD TV. The advancement in this television is its 10-bit panel coated with a nano-crystal layer that provides vivid colors and sharper images. This TV has 3 USB and 4 HDMI. The refresh rate is 120CMR (effective).

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Best Smart 4K TV

Sony XBR49X830C 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
The Sony 4K TV offers great versatility when it comes to entertainment. This smart LED TV lets its watchers to enjoy app diversity including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, PBS Kids, Disney...etc. This 49-inch TV offers perfect viewing angle with super color reproduction. Along with other entertainment options, you can also play PS3 games on it; so with this TV fun never ends.

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General Guide for Buying Ultra HDTV

Ultra HDTV buying guide

Are you there and you are looking for a new Ultra HDTV for your home? Are you wondering whether you will differentiate the best from the worst? You also need to buy an Ultra HDTV maybe as a present, and you want it to be unique? You also have a list of features, options, and specifications that you need to consider? Since you want a long lasting UHD TV, hence you need to make a smart decision that will help it to live for long. The following are the main important features that you need to check before you go shopping for the new TV. These features are crucial to ensure that you purchase the right commodity that will serve all your needs. They include:


You need first to consider the following when choosing a TV set; screen size, and it is usually measured diagonally in inches and normally referred to as a class, for example, you can say a 47-inch TV. When considering about the screen you need to know the size of your house and also mind about the budget that you need to spend. To measure the size, you can use a simple method by measuring the distance from where you need to place your TV to the center of the couch. The following are the THX recommendations based on the above information:

  • 6-9 feet away: Get a 60-inch class TV
  • 5-7.5 feet away: Get a 50-inch class TV
  • 4-6 feet away: Get a 40-inch class TV
  • 3.5-5 feet away: Get a 35-inch class TV

To be more precise on how to measure the size, there is a formula that is suggested by THX where you divide the size of the screen by 0.84 so as you can get the ideal viewing distances in inches. By the use of this formula, you won’t regret buying a very large TV or a TV that is much disappointing because it is very small.


Ultra-HDTV vs HD

The resolution of a TV was the main consideration in the past when you go shopping for the TV. These TVs had a resolution between 720p resolution and 1080p resolution. When you are currently shopping for a TV, you will not be interested with a TV whose resolution is 720p, but you will look or more resolution. Currently, the resolution range between 1080p a 4k which is also known as Ultra HD. Recently most of the TVs do not have a feature of the 4k Ultra HD content, but it has more expenses. But it offers some services like the Netflix which are used for the testing of the 4k video and have lower prices. But when you are interested with purchasing a TV for future purposes you can consider the 4K HDTV.

LED versus Plasma

Most of the TV fans admire the plasma technology that helps to provide the deeper black levels than the LCD panels. LED-lit LCD HDTVs can do better in brighter light and are usually lighter and thinner, and they also consume less energy. The issue of plasma is mainly a dead technology. The market leader of selling TVs announced that it will cease the production of plasma TVs hence killing this category. It is not advisable to buy plasma TV at all, but even when you want it, you can still get it.


It is shown that there is no maximum or minimum sound quality that is mainly set for the Ultra HD standard, but you usually get anything from the stereo audio where you get up to 7.1 lossless Dolby True HD and the DTS-HD Master Audio soundtracks. Which is dependent on the source of the footage. To get an amazing sound, the source must be from a footage that defines the quality and the type of the sound track.

Doesn’t Ultra HD footage take up loads of room?

You will be required to have a more storage space and a high bandwidth so as to deliver Ultra HD footage but not that much as from the expectations. The current Full HD footage uses the H.264 codec, Ultra HD content that encodes using the H.265 codec, and it is known as High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). It requires high power for processing, and it also cut the large file down. HEVC can be easily upgraded and has powerful processors. Therefore, Ultra HD Netflix cannot be added to other older TVs.


It is also important when you are purchasing a TV to know the number and placement of the ports. You need first to ensure that the Ultra HDTV has plenty of the HDMI ports. You should count all the devices that you need to connect then see whether the TV HDMI ports are enough to handle. They can be cable box/DVR, set-top streaming box, Blu-ray player, game console and many others.

Refresh Rate

The term refresh rate is common when shopping for the UHD TVs and is mainly measured in Hz. The more the refresh rate, the faster the screen draws the image and hence it makes the image motion smoother. You should purchase a TV with a minimum of 120Hz refresh rate but TVs with a refresh rate of 240Hz.


Means High Dynamic Range in content that is used to describe the ratio between the lightest and the darkest shades of an image. A film or an image is shot with a low dynamic range which means you have to lose some details of the image. With HDR footage, you find that the details of the images are either on the darker side or the lightest side of the image. This mode of HDR has even moved to the photo mode in the smart phones. You find that this process of HDR has even moved to the video version.


The 3D content is made of a resurgence in theaters and mainly found in the movie industry. It is fun to use 3D on Blu-rays, but people stop using it due to the novelty wear off. There is the use of glasses in 3D content.


This TV provides adjustment on the white balance and the color management system so that you ensure a clear picture of what you want to view.

Try these tips and you will purchase a nice Ultra HDTV that will help you and serve you for long.

Finally, Ultra HDTVs are the future and selecting them as your new entertainment partner is the best bargain you can do. Go for them without thinking that not much is present now, soon 4K TV will be everywhere and you will be glad that you have make this investment.

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