Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation

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Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation (Newest Model)

The Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation defined the genre of the pocket Internet Camcorder. But now there’s a lot of competition in the format, and most of the brand names in the camcorder business have joined in too. However, the Ultra has developed incrementally. The latest 3rd generation of the  Flip UltraHD has many significant enhancements, but you’d be forgiven for mistaking it as the old one.

Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation Review:

Flip UltraHD Specs:

– Name: Flip UltraHD
– 3rd Generation
– 8GB Internal Flash Memory
– 1280 x 720p HD
– Fixed Focus Lens with 2x Digital Zoom
– Screen: 2″ LCD
– Image Stabilization
– HDMI Micro Type D Connection
– Uses Flip Video Rechargeable Battery
– Can Use Optional ‘AAA’ Batteries
– Works with ‘Designed for Flip’ Products

Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation Features:

Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd GenerationThe Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation features a super-slim design, image stabilization, and compatibility with ‘Designed for Flip‘ products using the FlipPort. These new features of the Flip UltraHD 8GB might surprise you – especially image stabilization – but there’s something to be said for added stabilization, a slimmed down unit, and the ability to use the cam with compatible products, such as docking clock radios.

One of the most important changes in Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation  is to the shooting format. All of Flip’s current HD range shoots 720p resolution footage, but whereas the previous version recorded at 30 fps, the new one uses 50 fps, so fast motion should look smoother.

The Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation records up to two hours of 1280 x 720p HD video to its 8GB internal flash memory, and gives you a 2″ LCD on which to record and review images, and also the pre-loaded FlipShare software. FlipShare software quickly starts up once you connect the UltraHD’s flip-out USB arm to your Mac or PC. Once connected FlipShare can help you upload to social networking sites, pull stills from video, edit, and perform all kinds of other tasks with your video. Moreover, if you feel like sharing what you’ve shot on the giant screen, the HDMI Micro Type D connection can help you do just that.

(Flip UltraHD 8Gb 3rd Generation)

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