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HDTV Antenna Picks Up Local Digital Broadcasts

Never let the hype from satellite and cable television providers fool you into thinking that if you don’t use their services you can’t enjoy high-definition television. Most broadcasters are sending their signals in digital format and while antenna users can pick up the signals with their old metal signal grabbers to be able to enjoy the programs in their digital format a HDTV antenna has to be used.

HDTV Antenna set

Viewers residing in areas that are 60 or more miles from a broadcast antenna probably aren’t able to pick up the analog or digital signals anyway. Nevertheless, those living within range of a digital broadcast tower can use a HDTV antenna and enjoy the same quality program without needing a set top box, provided they have a high definition television. Those with satellite and cable service are already receiving a digital signal and using a box to convert the signal into analog for viewing on a television that is not a high definition unit.

Persons who have got a new HD TV set and don’t have digital service in the house, can enjoy the digital programs being broadcast by many of the local stations by using an HDTV antenna.

HDTV Antenna: Confused Over Two Signal Types

Some people are unwilling to connect their new high definition to a standard antenna believing the picture quality will suffer. The reality is they will probably not see any difference as when they had their analog television receiver. The best advantage to a HDTV antenna, as well as the picture quality is the absence of snow, as there will be less degradation of the signal.

Interference from other electrical devices and even the neighbor’s high power radios will not interfere with the digital signal picked up by the HDTV antennas. The most frequent complaint from antenna users about spurious interference is history with a HDTV antenna during the times the broadcasters are sending their signal in digital format.

Many stations, particularly during the day with local programming are still broadcasting in analog, but switch to digital signals at night and when broadcasting programming from the national networks. As more broadcasts are beamed in digital and more people buy high definition televisions, HDTV antenna use will also increase as users realize they can have the same picture quality as their neighbor without the monthly costs of many more channels than they’ll ever watch.

Where to Buy HDTV Antenna?

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