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LCD Television Doesn’t Always Mean High Definition

The is some confusion and misunderstanding about high definition programming with some believing they must have either a plasma or LCD television in order to receive high def programming. Many of these same folks think that as long as they have a plasma or LCD television they are set to receive high definition, however, not all televisions are the same when comes to digital broadcast reception. The high definition quality is only apparent when the broadcast signal is in digital format and the television is capable of high definition viewing. The input signal also needs to be digital to offer the high definition that viewers are looking for.

LCD Television

The same as the LCD monitors used by most computers and most of the electronics used in medical services, they aren’t really high definition. Those with analog television tuners are unable to use high definition signals and have to rely on set top boxes provided by the cable or satellite companies that convert the digit signal to analog. Even some of the newest LCD tv sets aren’t designed for digital reception.

Even though the image quality is better on large screen televisions, in comparison with projection units, not all LCD television units are high definition. In addition, many don’t realize that the term high definition is related to picture size instead of the quality of the displayed picture.

Be sure What you can get With LCD Television

While looking to get a new television, knowning that all programming will be in digital format by 2009, those cable-ready televisions on the market today will still require a set-top box to view programming on cable. Those with a digital, high definition LCD television can plug the cable into the television as they do with their current analog set receiving an analog symbol.

There are still lots of people who receive programming through an antenna and the connection for an LCD television will be the same, but once all programming is broadcast in digital format, they will need a converter to translate the signal into digital format. Thanks to the new government regulations on digital broadcasting, everyone will be able to buy the equipment needed, or contract with a cable or satellite company to watch television in digital format.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing a LCD television is that even if it’s not high definition, it’ll have a brighter, clearer picture even when viewed at an angle, and the sizes have grown recently to allow for giant screen viewing.

Where to buy LCD Television ?

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