Panasonic Ultra HDTV

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152-inch Panasonic Ultra HD Plasma HDTV

Panasonic Develops World’s Largest 152-Inch Panasonic Ultra HDTV. The ultra-large, 4K x 2K quadruple Full HDTV plasma panel creates a true full HD 3D world, delivering a massive immersive experience.

152 inch Panasonic Ultra HDTV Review

Panasonic D SeriesViera Ultra HDTV is stylish and slim bodied equipped with advanced technology. The long term is right here! The revolutionary new Viera Cast technologies from Panasonic now lets you get pleasure from remarkable net entertainment on a significant screen Panasonic Ultra HD TV and in the comfort of your living room.

152 inch Panasonic Ultra HDTV

The quad luminous tech of Panasonic Ultra HDTV brings plasma pictures to full brightness in 1/4th the time, so fast refreshes don’t compromise picture intensity and they’ve managed to refresh pictures frame at a time rather than line at a time, in order that alternating right/left images presented for 3D don’t suffer from the double effect that some displays show.

Self-illuminating plasma panels of Panasonic Ultra HDTV offer excellent response to moving images with full motion picture resolution, which makes them ideal for rapid 3D image display. By using the newly-developed ultra high-speed 3D drive technology, which adopts the super-efficient quadruple luminous efficiency technology, the new panel achieves a higher illuminating speed, about 1 / 4 the speed of conventional Full HD panels.

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