Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV

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82-inch Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV

Samsung exhibited an 82-inch Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV for 120Hz tv sets at the SID 2008 International Symposium in the United States.

Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV

82-inch Samsung Ultra LCD HDTV at SID:

Samsung Ultra LCD HD TV Technology

The panel of Samsung UHD TV utilizes a LED backlight, with the increasing popularity of LED-backed flat screens triggering soaring demand worldwide.

Specialist said that so far backlight module makers worldwide haven’t yet effectively improve defect rates in making light-guide plates & assembling LED backlight modules. Therefore, the price of LED backlight modules remains far higher than that of the present cold cathode fluorescent lamp model, according to Koreatimes.

“I personally hope the next-generation ultra-high definition level in the LCD panel market will open soon, with increasing consumer demand for clear viewing in households and public spaces,’’ Kim Sang-soo, executive vice-president of Samsung’s LCD Technology Center, said. Samsung also exhibited an 82-inch LCD e-Board using Ultra HD technology.

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