Ultra HDTV Health Concerns

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Ultra HDTV is characterized as having sixteen times the video quality of HDTV with the capability of creating a resolution of  7680×4320. Even the audio quality is way better, with 22.2 audio channels which will guarantee that viewers won’t just get glued to their HDTV screens but immersed in the overhauled viewing experience.

Ultra HDTV Health Concerns

Ultra HDTV Health Concerns

Even though ultra HDTV technology is pretty new you can find a few studies on its effects on people. One problem for the human eyes is the fact the image is simply too detailed. It’s a lot more detailed than what we have seen in real life. What’s more, the motion comes in 60 fps which is too quickly when compared to 24 fps in the standard HDTV. That’s why the human brain can’t easily process the whole information it is provided with and feels confused in a way. That’s why it is highly likely that the enormous screen would cause nausea to the viewers. This is one of the primary reasons that lead customers to thinking that this technology won’t be release for consumer use.

Sadly, this Ultra HDTV technology wouldn’t be able to reach the consumer society very soon mainly because of the health concerns about the ultra HDTV. However, there is hope that if these ultra HDTV health concerns are overcome in the next ten or twenty years almost every house would be equipped with such a technology. One other issue for become a well spread technology is the fact at this point it’s really expensive to create such devices and lots of new developments should be made in order for the technology to become cheaper.

Perhaps this kind of TV screens could be implemented in the cinema there is however very little chance it would reach our homes in the next couple of years. At some point, maybe, the Ultra HDTV health concerns will probably be overcome in a way but currently this is clearly impossible.

(Ultra HDTV Health Concerns)

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