Ultra HDTV Technology

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The Ultra HDTV Technology

Nowadays the world is changing at a very fast pace. Humans have an incredible desire for acquiring knowledge and creating new technological devices we have never imagined of before. One of the latest trends in the technological world is to try to create pictures that are even more detailed than the human eye sees in our daily routines. One such technology is the ultra HDTV technology which represents a digital video format that is sixteen times the resolution of the HDTV. This makes it the most modern technology in this field so far.

Ultra HDTV resolution =  7680 x 4320 (16 x HDTV resolution).

Ultra HDTV Technology

Who developed the Ultra HDTV Technology ?

The ultra HDTV technology was developed in Japan by the NHK Company. Since then this technology has been demonstrated in Japan, Las Vegas, Italy and many other places all over the globe. Most of the major brands in the technological world have shown great interest in acquiring and developing the ultra HDTV. However, there are also some health concerns about this new technology that may appear to be a problem for its release on the market. There are only three cameras in the whole world nowadays that can shoot in this format. What’s more, they can only shoot about 30 minutes per day and this information has to be stored on 4 Terabytes which is an awful lot of information. These four TB are probably all of the information an ordinary person would download or upload throughout their whole life.

Ultra HDTV Technology Health Concerns:

Although the ultra HDTV technology is relatively new there are already some researches on its effects on human beings. One problem for the human eyes is the fact that the picture is too detailed. It is even more detailed than what we see in the real world. What’s more, the motion comes in 60 frames per second which is too fast compared to the 24 frames per second in the standard HDTV. That’s why the human brain can’t easily process the whole information it is provided with and feels confused in a way. That’s why it is highly likely that the enormous screen would cause nausea to the viewers. This is one of the main reasons that lead people to the thought that this technology will never be release for consumer use. Probably this type of screens would be implemented in the cinema but there is very little chance it would reach our homes in the next few years. In the future, maybe, the Ultra HDTV health concerns will be overcome in a way but nowadays this is clearly impossible.

Another problem for become a well spread technology is the fact that so far it is really expensive to create such devices and many new developments should be made in order for the Ultra HDTV technology to become cheaper.

(Ultra HDTV Technology)

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