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Ultra Slim HDTV Sets

People have been watching television for about one hundred years so far and they would probably go on watching in the future too. That’s why TV sets are becoming more and more modern and whole industries aim in making them more comfortable, more functional and more innovative. At first all companies started to increase the width of the screen. Nowadays the width of the screen is large enough and there are so many sizes that a TV set can be fit in any size of room. Now, the new aim is to reduce the thickness of the TV set and in this way to be able to reduce the weight of the TV. Probably it is more the weight that matters rather than the thickness.
ultra slim hdtv

All of the major companies that manufacture TV sets all over the world are trying to do everything they can in order to create ultra slim HDTV sets. TVs are becoming thinner and thinner and as it is said ‘only the sky is the limit’. Probably in future TV sets would be so thin we would even be able to roll them like paper and carry them with us. However, this is the possible future. Nowadays, one of the thinnest TV sets that are defined as ultra slim HDTV are less than 2 inches thick.

New Ultra Slim HDTV Generation


Samsung Ultra Slim HDTV Series 9 at CES 2010

With the reduction in the thickness of the TV it becomes much more functional and enables us to put it at a smaller place. We can even save some extra space in the room by putting the ultra slim HDTV set on a stand on the wall. What’s more, these stands can be put higher and there would be a reduced chance that our children would do any damage to the set. However, damage is possible so we should be ready for anything. If we want to keep our TV set for longer and get the most out of it we should definitely ask for increasing the period of the warranty. Most TV sets usually come with a two-year warranty period but if we want and if we pay additionally the period can be increased to up to five years.

Should I buy a Ultra Slim HDTV?

As far as prices are concerned there are ultra slim HDTV sets almost for everyone. There are the most modern and high tech devices that would cost you a real fortune. They, however, provide us with the highest possible quality and provide us with the greatest jack packs. Their functionality and connectivity is increased. There are also those that have fewer functions and are less expensive. They are probably the greatest value for money because they are the best you can get for that money. There are also the cheap ultra slim HDTV sets. They are not recommendable at all because it is not normal to buy one of the most modern technologies at a lower price. This would either mean that it is produced by low-quality materials or it has very few functions and the picture and sound would probably be awful.

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