Ultra Thin HDTV

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The Ultra Thin HDTV Sets

Throughout the last fifty years many changes have taken place in the whole world, especially as far as technology is concerned. TV sets were extremely large fifty years and at first their size started to grow smaller. Later when they were small enough and light enough the manufacturers started to develop the flat screen TV sets. Since then there was a competition for which company will design the TV with the widest screen. In the past two or three years the competition has changed and manufacturers no longer try to create wider screen TVs but TV sets that are as thin as possible. In this way the Ultra thin HDTV sets appeared.

New Generation Ultra Thin HDTV Sets

Ultra Thin HDTV

Many people would say that it doesn’t matter how thin their TV is. Although this may be true it is essential how heavy the TV set is and the thinner it is the lighter it would be. That is important because of the fact that when you are trying to hang a 50 inch TV set on the wall it would be much easier for you to put it there if it is thinner and lighter. What’s more, the chance that it would fall and break down would be reduced to a total minimum. The ultra thin HDTV technology would at first be implemented in Japan and later it would spread all over the world. The TVs are becoming thinner and thinner and it wouldn’t be surprising if in ten years time they are as thin as paper. Nowadays, the thinnest models are about 30-40 mm thick which makes them extremely light and comfortable for carrying or moving around the house. The ultra thin hdtv design also allows manufacturers to increase the width of the TV without increasing its weight. In this way the picture could also become better and with higher quality and more detailed.

Should I buy a Ultra Thin HDTV set?

However, the ultra thin HDTV sets also come at a much higher price compared to the standard thin HDTV ones. This is due to the fact that in order to maintain the same functions in a thinner design of Ultra Thin HDTV the manufacturers need to use more expensive materials and the job should be done even more precisely.

(The Ultra Thin HDTV Sets)

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